Dude Shoes


This is the Dude Farty shoe, it has a canvas upper with contrasting accents, elasticated fitting and rough look stitching.

We love Dude shoes, wether they be the distressed canvas lightweight mens and ladies Italian summer styles or the super comfy fur lined UGG style ladies boots.
Ok, fair enough it may be a different look but once you slip these on your feet, you won’t believe the comfort, its like wearing slippers outside.
They use SuperLight sole technology to give you an absolutely unbelievable level of comfort. They have a low density Dupont sole that combined with a clever structured
design and an unreal light weight upper material mean that a Dude shoe can weigh in at an amazing 150grms. Thats the same as a quarter pounder with cheese or an Apple IPhone weigh the same as a Dude shoe!
And heres the best bit, when they stink, chuck them in the washing machine on a cold wash and your Dude shoes won’t stink anymore.
We think that once you slip these on your feet, you will take head of the ‘comfort warning’ that comes attached and feel like you are walking on air.
These seriously addictive shoes have an anatomic leather insole thats so soft and comfortable, you will wish all you shoes had a Dude insole.
Dude shoes come in a variety of different styles, from the Farty, Gus and Wally slip on lightweight summer shoes to the mega snug and comfortable Alpe and Dolomity.
Available at TheShoeLibrary.com now




About TheShoeLibrary

The Shoe Library is located in the centre of sunny Cornwall, UK. Our warehouse is positioned centrally to our retail stores and allows us to service them and our you quickly and efficiently. Our offices are located right next to the warehouse so we have a complete hands on grasp as to whats going on and if it's on TheShoeLibrary.com, it's in the warehouse next door. We can get to it within minutes of a customer ordering or inquiring about it, capable of emailing, showing on webcam or texting actual photos of the product that you want to buy. So if you're unsure of the colour, want to see the insole or even want to see what it looks like when it's being worn, we can show you. Anything you want, we can do it and with thousands of products in stock, we're confident that we have what you want. We understand that our customers want their orders delivered quickly and accurately. And because of this, we have invested a huge amount of time and resources into finding the right people to build, maintain and run The Shoe Library. We care about what we do and we care about your experience shopping with us, we want you to be happy and come back time and time again. Yes, we have to make some money to pay the bills but we understand that our first priority is to make you happy and if we don't make you happy, tell us so we can become better at what we do. Everything we do is built upon simplicity, we want to give you a quick and easy shopping experience from first click to delivery. Our knowledge is based upon a collective and diverse experience in bricks and mortar retail stores and online stores. Our warehouse is open seven days a week so if you need us, just call, email, text, tweet or even Facebook us. We will even try to answer you after hours. We ship orders to customers as quickly as possible Monday to Saturday. During office hours Monday to Friday, your order will be picked, packed and waiting for collection within one hour of you placing it. Each order is immediately passed to our warehouse team, quickly and carefully packed, sealed and prepared for collection from our shipping partners. If you've ordered after our daily collection, we are happy to run it to the post office for you, we've even driven an order to a local customer that needed it quickly. We are confident that when you buy from us, the service you receive will keep you coming back time and time again.

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